GEO Data Design is the preferred geospatial solution provider in Africa with superior technical expertise and turnkey project management through a dynamic and passionate service driven team. GEO Data Design can provide you the best solutions on geospatial processing management software (GIS & Remote Sensing) and satellite imagery, integrating geospatial data (Vector, DEM, Contours) and complete workflows for better decisions.

Understanding GEO Data Design’s products and services stems from the knowledge of how these solutions are implemented. By example, mapping organisations play a pivotal role in sustainable development in Africa - map updates are created for all citizens to use. In order to accomplish this satellite imagery is increasingly used as source data to update maps and provide the most current data to decision makers in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, defence, water, mining, government, oil & gas, environmental management, transport and more.

Co-operating with private and government organizations throughout Africa and providing these planning solutions have allowed the local industries of these different countries to grow and ultimately move towards sustainability and autonomy. From farmers demarcating their fields to start planting, engineers measuring the exact incline for a planned road, mineral exploration being done remotely by a mine owner to the security forces safeguarding people and property, the applications and uses are limitless.

With our African footprint we are able to provide complete solutions using satellite imagery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software and related project focused services. Leveraging our dedicated and expert in-house technical services and support team, comprehensive supplier database and turn-key project management, GEO Data Design supplies industry leading geographic solutions which are tailor-made for Africa.