About Us

GEO Data Design helps organisations across Africa by providing superior geospatial solutions to support decision-making. Using premier data sources and advanced technologies we optimize your workflow to increase value and deliver outcomes.

With nearly two decades of experience and a diverse team of skilled individuals, we can offer enhanced insights into spatial management and analysis.


Defence and Intelligence: Africa has many remote and hard to reach areas. Gathering intelligence on these areas can be difficult and expensive. Geospatially powered solutions can significantly reduce these challenges on collecting this information and enabling accurate and timely decisions. Our precision tools supply defence and security users with critical functionality, and help users build and manage their geospatial intelligence for analysis, querying and customization of their defensive system. These tools include customized solutions based on ERDAS Imagine and RECCE – an advanced military equipment identification system – where the two are seamlessly integrated.

Agriculture:  With the increase in both population and a need for resources, the need for efficient agricultural management has become critical. Using Satellite Imagery, we can effectively monitor, manage and mitigate challenges such as water scarcity, crop disease and climate change while increasing productivity.

Forestry:  The Forestry industry is faced with significant challenges such as deforestation and veldfires due to factors such as drought, alien species invasion and pressures from population expansion.  Sustainable forestry management is therefore fundamental for our economy and climate. Our solutions can assist with broad area mapping, evaluation and monitoring of forest health, identification of potential fire hazards and, the analysis of timber harvesting, production and inventory.

Natural Resource Management: There is growing demand on our natural resources due to the ever-expanding population. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that natural resource management be as efficient as possible to limit wastage and ensure sustainability. To assist your decision making we are able to monitor soil erosion and waterlogging, predict salinity, conduct river basin & rehabilitation studies and map hydrological land use.

Mining, Oil & Gas:  Accurate and up-to-date information of the earth’s surface is indispensable for successful mining operations. Meeting the global energy demand while using the earth resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is one of the greatest challenges faced in the industry today.  We can provide base layers for mine planning, pre-feasibility analysis for target identification (Ore and Hydrocarbon), volumetric evaluations, slope stability analysis, environmental monitoring and artisanal mining identification.

Urban Planning: The global rise in urbanization has resulted in a growing demand for housing, transportation, healthcare and education. The efficacy of urban planning is crucial for the prevention of overpopulation, slum development, pollution and spread of disease. Broad area mapping, Infrastructure management, displacement monitoring and asset management are a few of the solutions we offer.