Satellite Imagery : New Tasking

Creating a new tasking is the best way of ensuring the client receive imagery to suit the specific needs however timing will depend on area and local weather.

On-demand new tasking of areas requiring the most recent imagery.

A new tasking is an on–demand service whereby clients define a custom area and product. GEO Data Designs knowledgeable and experienced team will gladly assist in product selection to best suite the customer needs.

New tasking provides the customer with the latest imagery in a variety of product levels

GeoRef / Ortho Ready

Radiometrically corrected map oriented images suitable for a wide range of uses. In addition to
being suitable for visualization and reference applications, the Geo is shipped with the sensor camera
model in rational polynomial coefficient (RPC) format. This camera model maps the respective ground coordinates to image product coordinates.


Ortho-rectified (terrain corrected) by DigitalGlobe’s or Airbus staff of experienced production using
proprietary processes and optimized to the data collected by DigitalGlobe / Airbus satellites.
Available in various levels of accuracy, the ortho-rectification process allows quick delivery of the
most accurate and precise terrain corrected colour products available from a satellite platform.

These products are suitable for feature extraction, change detection, reference base mapping and other similar

Stereo Imagery

Providing a strong platform for three-dimensional feature recognition, extraction and exploitation, the DigitalGlobe / Airbus Stereo product provides two images with stereo geometry to support a wide range of stereo imagery applications such as DEM creation, building height extraction, spatial layers, and three-dimensional

Stereo products in epipolar or map projections provide RPC camera model data. The RPC camera model supports block adjustment, three-dimensional stereo extraction, DEM generation, ortho-rectification, and other
photogrammetric operations. High-resolution stereo pairs are collected in the same orbital pass, minimizing
changes in lighting or scene content.

Elevation Data

Suitable elevation data can be supplied in conjunction with satellite imagery. Please refer to our page on data and services for further details.