Industry Solutions : Climate Change

Climate change is likely to cause more hardship for the poor by constraining food resources and water supplies.

The rate of climate change is rapidly accelerating. Calculating this rate and the causal factors could be performed by using satellite imagery and geospatial software. Managing and improving our response to climate change through the use of space-age expertise are becoming fundamental in ensuring success in the face of mounting obstacles.

Satellite image data is expected to contribute to a wide array of global change-related application areas for vegetation and ecosystems dynamics, hazard monitoring, geology and soil analysis, land surface climatology, hydrology, land cover change, and the generation of orthorectified digital elevation models (DEMs).

Sea and land surface temperatures and land cover changes are some of the types of climate change outcomes that can be derived from satellite measurements. Many other factors like sea level rise, diminished water resources, landscape degradation and agricultural pollutants can be quantified and mapped for small and large areas in an efficient manner.

As a premier provider of high resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe and Airbus Defence & Space, best-of-breed image processing (ERDAS IMAGINE), GIS software (GEOMEDIA) from Hexagon Geospatial, we can supply you with the best tools available in the industry.

Climate ChangeClimate Change

Recommended Data Sources

GEO Data Design recommends the following Satellite Imagery and Elevation Data for use in Climate Change projects:

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Sensor Resolution Multispectral Bands*
GeoEye-1 40cm/50 cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
Worldview-1 40cm/50 cm Panchromatic
Worldview-2 40cm/50 cm Coastal/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/ Red Edge/Near Infrared 1 & 2 + Panchromatic
WorldView-3 30cm/40cm/50 cm Coastal/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/ Red Edge/Near Infrared 1 & 2/SWIR + Panchromatic
Quickbird 60 cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
Pléiades 50cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
SPOT6/7 1.5m Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic

High Resolution Elevation Data

Dataset DTM/DSM Resolution Contours
Mapping 2m, 4m, 8m 16m
Precision 2m, 4m 8m
Very High Precision 2m 4m
Elevation 1 1m 3m
Elevation 4 4m 5m
Elevation 8 8m 10m
Elevation 10 10m 10m
Elevation 30 30m
WorldDEM 12m
These products are available as DTMs or DSMs
Contours are only available for DTMs
Included Processing: Hydro enforcement, road flattening and shaded relief

Recommended Software


Highlighted Add-on’s

  • DeltaCue - Change Detection
  • Radar Mapping Suite


Highlighted Add-on’s

  • Geomedia Database manager


Highlighted Add-on’s