Industry Solutions : Mining Resources

Meeting the global energy demand while using the earth’s resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is one of the world’s greatest challenges today.

Accurate knowledge of the earth’s crust and surface are vital in mining operations.  Typically mining projects appear in remote and hard to reach areas.

Geospatial technology like Satellite Imagery, Elevation data, GIS systems, Remote sensing and Photogrammentry workflows have become an integral part of mining operations.

Mining, Oil and Gas Applications include:


Base layer data production Planning new mining sites Mapping Infrastructure Ease-of-access analysis through transport network mapping Manage equipment and personnel to remote locations Pipeline route planning Drilling site identification


Geological and Structural Mapping:

Base layer data production Planning new mining sites Mapping Infrastructure Ease-of-access analysis through transport network mapping


Feasibility Studies:

Pre-feasibility Evaluate and analyse project potential Influence of environmental factors Mining Risk Assessment


Resource Calculations:

Reserves reporting Quantifying volume of tailings Deposit Modelling Ore valuation

Facility Monitoring

Geotechnical & Slope Stability Assessment:

Assess risk to humans, property and the environment Analyze terrain interaction with proposed development Run cut or fill scenarios from the original topography


Monitoring & Compliance:

Mapping and plotting for site progress reports Identifying illegal activities Asset optimisation


Emergency Management:

Liability baseline and existing hazards Disaster preparedness and reaction


Reclamation management:

Planning and monitoring reclamation progress Manage Surface water Environmental Impact Study


Fully Integrated Point clouds workflows, including Point Cloud Generation from Stereo Imagery. Generate dense point clouds from stereo imagery with IMAGINE AutoDTM.


Recommended Data Sources

GEO Data Design recommends the following Satellite Imagery and Elevation Data for use in Mining projects:

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Sensor Resolution Multispectral Bands*
GeoEye-1 40cm/50 cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
Worldview-1 40cm/50 cm Panchromatic
Worldview-2 40cm/50 cm Coastal/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/Red Edge/Near Infrared 1 & 2 + Panchromatic
WorldView-3 30cm/40cm/50 cm Coastal/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/Red Edge/Near Infrared 1 & 2/SWIR + Panchromatic
Quickbird 60 cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
Pléiades 50cm Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic
SPOT6/7 1.5m Blue/Green/Red/Near Infrared + Panchromatic

High Resolution Elevation Data

Dataset DTM/DSM Resolution Contours
Mapping 2m, 4m, 8m 16m
Precision 2m, 4m 8m
Very High Precision 2m 4m
Elevation 1 1m 3m
Elevation 4 4m 5m
Elevation 8 8m 10m
Elevation 10 10m 10m
Elevation 30 30m
WorldDEM 12m
These products are available as DTMs or DSMs
Contours are only available for DTMs
Included Processing: Hydro enforcement, road flattening and shaded relief

Recommended Software


Highlighted Add-on’s

  • DeltaCue - Change Detection
  • Objective - Object-based feature extraction
  • IMAGINE Photogrammetry - including Add ons like AutoDTM


Highlighted Add-on’s

  • Geomedia 3D


Highlighted Add-on’s