Based on Greek mythology, Prometeo was Inspired by Prometheus, meaning “foresight” or “forethought”, who gave mankind the knowledge of fire. We believe that vegetation fire risk can be managed through a proactive, rather than reactive, approach, therefore, empowering organisations to plan for and mitigate the risk of vegetation fires before they happen. In this way loss and damage to infrastructure could be mitigated.

Prometeo is a satellite-based fire probability analysis solution deployed in the cloud, offering automated geo-analytics on vegetation fire risk exposure of your assets. The outputs are updated monthly and is accessible via any device with a web-browser.


After extensive research and development, and a series of collaborations with vegetation management and vegetation clearing experts and industry leaders, GEO Data Design developed Prometeo. The algorithm fuses thousands of big data points, including current and historical satellite imagery, daily weather data, topography and human geography layers to produce a continuous record of changing vegetation risk. By using our Prometeo algorithm and geospatial Big Data we can identify probability hotspot areas that are at risk of burning.


Prometeo is built on the notion that vegetation fires can be managed if dealt with proactively rather than reactively.

Workflow Management

Risk Identification

Dynamic Reporting

Mobile & Desktop Application

Prometeo provides information on vegetation fire risk by means of spatial risk grading, dynamic widgets and reports. The information provided gives an assessment of the condition of vegetation around strategic infrastructure being monitored. This information makes it easy to plan for any vegetation clearing close to assets and can be integrated into subsequent management workflows.


Prometeo results can be integrated into vegetation clearing workflows enabling companies to plan ahead and mitigate the risk of vegetation fire.

Electricity Supply Industry

Environmental management & monitoring

Urban Planning


Oil & Gas

Insurance and Property Management

Agricultural Monitoring

Disaster Risk Reduction

Transportation Corridor Management

Including Railways and Highways