GeoSpatial Software : Educational

GEO Data Design offers a wide range of Hexagon Geospatial Educational software packages at discounted rates to qualified Educational institutions.

Hexagon Geospatial provides one united geospatial portfolio, bringing together GIS, Remote Sensing, and Photogrammetry software for both the desktop and server environments.

The Geospatial Educational Desktop Core program allows students to obtain free software licenses for use in the comfort of their own home. Student licenses must be administered by the university and are available at no additional cost in quantities of 25 seats per Core license purchased (125 for 5-seat Level 1 and 375 for 15-seat Level 2). With this package, students can benefit from a 52-week offering of GeoMedia Professional or IMAGINE Professional, free of charge, along with online tutorials. These licenses are offered on an annual basis only, and do not include add-ons or maintenance support.

Special packages have been compiled to offer maximum exposure to the extensive Hexagon Geospatial software product suite.

For example; the Educational Desktop Core product, includes all of the products listed below:


  • ERDAS IMAGINE Professional – Includes
    • Easy Trace
    • Vector
    • Enterprise loader
    • Image Equalizer
    • ER Mapper
    • Components of Radar Interpreter
  • IMAGINE Expansion Pack – Includes
    • Autosync
    • VirtualGIS
    • DeltaCue
    • OrthoRadar
    • NITF
    • StereoSAR DEM
    • Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE


  • GeoMedia
  • GeoMedia Professional – Includes
    • Public Works
    • Transaction Manager
    • Transport Manager
    • Parcel Manager
    • Fusion
    • Grid
  • GI Toolkit
  • Feature Topographer


  • IMAGINE Photogrammetry – Includes
    • Stereo
    • single pair eATE
  • PRO600 CART
  • PRO600 DTM
  • IMAGINE Terrain Editor – Includes
    • Stereo
    • TE


  • Apollo Essentials


Free Student Licenses

Please contact one of our Software Consultants to find out more about what packages are most suitable for your institution.